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April 15th, 2009 - 10:13 pm ICT by David M N James  

Modeling schools have steeped prices, according to a recent evaluation. Those aspiring to model in prestigious modeling schools will be forced to dig deeper to afford learning in these institutions. However, the evaluation has found flaws in how the context of modeling in good and prestigious hardly has the very profound significance required for model. In fact, learning in these institutions does not guarantee a stint in modeling.

Parents are paying thousands of dollars to people who promise everything, from classes, to meetings with casting agents — to help make that dream come true. However, nothing holds either way. Though some models achieve their objective, it is a pipe dream to others. Parents are paying thousands of dollars for their kids modeling ambitions. The question is? Does it really pay? Adverts running on local dailies are hoaxes promising immense potential yet the results are not anywhere near the mark.

A parent has confessed that a modeling school based in Barbizon cost him $3000 while other parents confess paying up to $4000 to $3600. According to Dateline NBC That’s for a lifetime membership and once they’d completed the Barbizon classes, they were given a chance to take it to the next level and try out for a shot to be seen at the International Modeling and Talent Association convention, IMTA, in New York. Students from Barbizon and other modeling and acting schools must earn a spot to attend.

According to a parent, George Burke, he spent $30,000 on his daughters’ modeling careers. More than $16,000 went towards fees for the school and competitions for the twins. The rest was for travel, dresses, makeup, and shoes. Moreover, what do they have to show for it? Did they ever get a job modeling? The answer is an absolute No.

What is happening is that, parents are being fleeced thousands of dollars as school fees for their daughters to become models? However, what the modeling schools do is cheat the parents that they will land the girls hot jobs and contracts, but merely train them to be models not get jobs. Contestants “are seen by more industry professionals in one week than they could ever see by knocking on agency doors.” And 80 percent of participants get callbacks from industry professionals “to further explore” their potential.

As for Barbizon, it pointed out that “these conventions are independent of Barbizon international and not part of our curriculum” and “only 8% of the young people that complete Barbizon’s basic program avail themselves of this opportunity.” They also add, “Barbizon international has not received a single complaint for at least the last five years.

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