Mills to reveal Macca’s explosive ‘therapy’ tapes in divorce battle?

November 14th, 2007 - 8:15 am ICT by admin  
The tapes were recorded during sessions at Macca’s Pearmarsh estate in West Sussex in 2005 so that they could be played back to the couple to let them know where their problems lay.

The tapes reportedly also support Mills’ claims that Macca was not only physically and verbally abusive towards her, but also that hit his first wife Linda.

They are also said contain Mills and Macca’s rows about his love of alcohol and cannabis, as well as detailed discussions about their sex life.

Mills has already revealed in a TV interview in the US that she “recorded every single conversation” she had with Sir Paul as their marriage disintegrated because she thought “no one would believe her”.

One of the tapes, in which Sir Paul admits to Mills that he hit Linda “once or twice”, came to light again this week when it was played off-camera during a round of TV interviews in the UK on Wednesday.

A source at a major British TV production company who heard the tapes told the Daily Mail that Mills had made the tapes public when she came to the company recently.

“Heather played edited excerpts from a number of audio tapes to us. She came for a meeting with her friend Ben Amigoni,” the Daily Mail quoted the source, as saying.

“They are long rambling talks between Heather and Paul - she describes them as his therapy sessions. We got the highlights. She told us that he was definitely aware that he was being recorded.

“It didn’t sound as if he knew he was being recorded - but that is just my opinion. Paul clearly loves to talk about himself, but he may be regretting that now.

“After Heather had left us that day, my opinion was that in isolation they were dynamite, but looked at in the context of an entire marriage, they might be quite unrepresentative of what actually went on.”

In the meantime a source close to the Beatles singer has defended his drink and drugs consumption.

“He does have a problem, but it’s not anything to do with alcoholism. His problem is with tolerance. If he has more than about three or four whiskies, he falls over. He simply cannot drink a lot,” the source said.

“And in terms of the dope, I think the only problem he had was her ignorance about it.

“She’s the one who went on regional TV and said that everyone who smoked cannabis should be put in prison.”

Mills in a recent interview told of how she believes that she is a victim of a public hate campaign similar to that experienced by missing British four-year old Madeline McCann’s mum Kate, and that she will die like Princess Diana. (ANI)

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