Mills claims Macca branded her a ‘one-legged bitch’

November 14th, 2007 - 10:29 am ICT by admin  

The 39-year-model has insisted that the tapes will expose the trauma of her turbulent five-year marriage with the former Beatle.

She has also claimed that the tapes include eye-opening details of her sex life with McCartney.

According to pals, Mills is convinced that the tapes will boost her bid for support in a world that has sided with rock legend Macca.

Until now only scant hints of the tapes’ contents have emerged.

However, Heather is confident that the recordings support her claims, which include that the 65-year-old Paul downed Viagra pills to pep up sex with the one-time porn star.

She said that the veteran musician raged through tempestuous rows at the couple’s marital home.

She has also claimed that in the recordings Macca has admitted that he was partially to blame over their marriage breakdown and stormy relationship.

The animal rights activist also said that her estranged husband mocked her as “a silly cow” and “spoilt,” complaint about the tiniest of household bills.

She also said that Paul was violent towards first wife Linda.

“There are other recordings Heather says prove Paul referred to her as a ‘one-legged bitch,’” New of the World quoted, a close friend, as saying.

“She’s hoping this shows people what she’s had to put up with, and will let the public make up their own mind about who was to blame for their split,” the friend added.

The friend further disclosed how Heather, who lost a leg in a road accident, has also talked of a spiteful phone call from Paul’s daughter Stella, alleging the 36-year-old fashion designer ranted: “I hope you lose your other f****ing leg!”

“Heather says her tapes will back her up on that one, too.” a source said.

Only Heather and her sister Fiona had access codes to the vault in Coutts’ London headquarters.

“Heather insists these tape recordings are crucial for her future. She’s been branded a liar so many times, and has a massive point to prove, a source said.

“She reckons these will put the record straight. And all the voices on the tapes are very recognisable. There’s no mistaking who’s saying what. They’re dynamite. If they ever got out they’d be highly embarrassing for Paul.

“Some of the details about their sex life will shock a lot of people and cause them to view Paul in a new light.

“She believes it could seriously swing public opinion for her,” the source added. (ANI)

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