Miley Cyrus is slowly falling for Adam Sevani

August 18th, 2008 - 11:35 pm ICT by David M N James  

Miley Cyrus with a dogMiley Cyrus is back on the public limelight after she has been seen having it cool with 16 year old Adam Sevani. Miley who of late has had a debacle with the media over some vanity pictures which predominantly featured in the internet media seems to be interested in Sevani.

She has been a hot teenage sensational and has gained a lot of celebrity rank over her acting career. However she earned a bashing from the American parenting Diaspora after her nude pictures were splashed in web pages recently. This earned a negative title and she was dubbed a bad example to teenagers.

Miley is said to be in the early stages of dating Adam Sevani an aloof figure in teenage hype. Adam is part of ACDC group which is a dance duo that’s comprised of Step Up 2 director John M. Chu. The group has had a long-running You-Tube dance-off with Miley Cyrus and her BFF Mandy. Miley is now 15 years old and the boy Adam Sevani is 16-year-old. But according to their publicists, the two are not dating but are just friends.

Miley seems to be going the other way round. Last week she confessed to have had a love affair with and Nick Jonas. Her confession shocked her fans who have been looking up at her as a role model. Its not commonplace for a rolemodel to keep changing boyfriends this way. She confessed she had a two had a half year affair with Jonas. She also confessed that the affair was intense and was love at first site.

Miley told a magazine that “We still do, but we were in love with each other. For two years he was basically my 24/7. But it was really hard to keep it from people. We were arguing a lot, and it really wasn’t fun.” And suddenly, she is pulling a fast one with Adam Sevani or she could be in the process.

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