Mike Golic makes the headlines over in laws morning walk away

July 21st, 2008 - 9:36 pm ICT by David M N James  

Mike Golic walkingUnfortunately Golic is absent after sending shockwaves across his host seat. As the show makes it to its prime, Mike Golic just disappeared. No one seemed to suspect what was up and the hype was that he was just away for a moment and he’d be back. But the iconic fella was not coming back and it was after while a long time people realized the man who is Mike Golic was nowhere to be seen nor anywhere around and near. This is really an odd happening and profiler and bloggers are hyping it.

Golics going away correlates with Joe Morgan’s disappearing. People have bombarded news and entertainment analysts and journalists about Golic leaving the set of Mike and Mike this morning. A close knit investigation on this case has led to the establishment by Thaidian news that Mike might have a serious problem or something really terrible happened to make him take a hike. Analysts say it wouldn’t be a big deal for a host to leave just like that. In this case Mike Golic left suddenly and Greenie refused to talk about why Golie left the rest of the show. The subsequent scenario was just really awkward and included really stupid camera angles of just Greenie and the rest of the show. Greenie seemed very reserved and awkward after Golic left. The guys in there are praying hard that hopefully everything is okay and nothing serious happened this morning. But it’s not as everyone wants to make it sound. Golic left after his father in-law passed away.

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