Mike Adamle is the new WWE manager

July 29th, 2008 - 6:48 pm ICT by David M N James  

On Monday night, big shot of WWE, the popular television show, Shane McMahon appeared on Raw and announced that the show’s new General Manager is Mike Adamle shocking millions of WWE fans. It is still incredible that the dumb Adamle will take over the mantle. The flagship program will be manned by the absent-minded ECW commentator. The era of a new champion WWE champhas begun and the new kid on block is Mike Adamle at the wrestling entertainment area. He is the new hype and he is really making inroads. Mike Adamle made his WWE debut at Royal Rumble and then conducted interviews on Raw before joining ECW. As co-host of the original American Gladiators series, Mike Adamle has witnessed his fair share of punches, kicks and body slams.

His debut night at Raw GM, Adamle made a number of matches and the the biggest of these however, was Raw’s first Summer-Slam match: For the first-time ever, John Cena vs. Dave Batista. And Adamle determine who is truly the top contender on Raw. With two competitors as intense as Cena and The Animal, he will be the guy on helm of determining if they even make it to Summer-Slam before a collision. Adamle has also mentioned that he will be looking into guys like Kofi Kingston and Jbl at WWE. JBL says he is the one who should face CM Punk at Summer-Slam. Shane is sure he will have to take it up with the new General Manager Adamle. Adamle has been caught calling Shane’s cell phone. He was there during the Kofi Kingston match which Kingston won. Kofi knocked Noble to the mat with a kick to the head and got the pin-fall and the win.

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