Michael Sophocles Accuses Katie Waissel Of Being A Sex-Maniac

October 5th, 2010 - 7:49 pm ICT by GD  

By Meena Kar
cohen It was not a good day for X-factor favorite Katie Waissel, when her ex-boyfriend ‘Apprentice’ star, Michael Sophocles accused her of being a complete sex maniac, who seduces men, in order to climb up the ladder of fame. He says that Katie Waissel is a “ruthlessly ambitious schemer” and her present boyfriend, pop star James Blunt, is just another means to get her the fame and success that she is hungry for.

Michael Sophocles says that he dumped the starlet after he caught her red-handed, while she was indulging in a passionate French-kiss with Hollywood actor Jordan Prentice, with her hands all over him. Katie Waissel, however denies the whole matter, saying that she never had sex with Michael Sophocles and he is just up to maligning her reputation, since he is jealous of her new found celebrity status. Michael Sophocles says that the couple definitely had dinner together, and then they kissed, followed by a sexual tryst while they were fully sloshed. He still remembers the ‘pathetic’ song composed by the singer in impromptu, dedicated to his masculinity, while the sexual encounter was on.

Although Katie Waissel denied it all, she seems to be forgetting how she blew the matter of their steamy affair and intimacy when Michael Sophocles was at the peak of his reality TV glory. She says that the couple only had dinner and indulged in slight caressing and kissing, (probably the sex part just slipped off her mind), she cannot deny that she has mentioned about certain intimate moments which they have shared before, (including some really detailed descriptions), in her unpublished memoir.

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