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By Anita Thomas

Jason Leigh’s character is Detective Dwight Hendricks, a southern boy who loves the music that the town is famous for. Dwight is the son of a former police officer who was shot in the line of duty. The character’s instinct of coming to a conclusion of how the crime happened seems to work out right. When explaining to his new boss Lt. Tanya Rice, who has a hard time dealing with instincts, that his gut feelings are usually right her by the book ways doesn’t go by instinct. His co-workers all agree that his gut feelings are right and they make it known to Rice (Alfre Woodward).

Du ring an interview with a suspect who Dt. Dwight believes killed the son of an elderly woman being abused and having her pension checks stolen. Dotty the elderly woman, was a famous disc jockey back in the days and was named “The first lady of the airwaves” Listening to his shake down of the suspect she realizes she needs to trust his instincts. She calls him into her office and gives him a pat on the back for being right about the suspect. Dwight invites her to meet him that night at a local blues club. She arrives and sees him onstage performing and she begins to appreciate him a little more.

Jason Leigh still has the same southern draw that he did when playing Earl and at times, I find it hard to take him seriously. But his acting experience makes him believable and his laid back style as a detective makes his character likeable.

Memphis Beat airs Tuesdays at 10p.m. on TNT network.

Dt. Dwight Hendricks/Jason Leigh
Lt. T anya Rice/Alfre Woodward
Paula Ann Hendricks/ Celia Weston

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