Meet Britain’s ‘Most Ordinary Man’

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Wardle conducted a research to find Britain’s most ordinary man for his documentary ‘In Search of Mr Average.’

He found Peter Williamson, an office worker, who has two kids Tyler and Kieran with wife Michelle, was happy with his lot.

As compared to many people, who were offended by the label of averageness, Williamson took it as a compliment.

“If you spend all your time trying to achieve instead of looking at what you’ve got and being happy with it, it can destroy you,” Telegraph quoted Williamson, as saying.

“Whereas if you’ve got a loving family and are content with your life - even if you haven’t achieved greatness - then you’ll be happy,” he added.

During his research, he discovered that finding a man who truly fitted the mould was not as easy as it seemed to be.

In his research, Wardle found that an average Briton owes more than 3,000 pounds on top of a mortgage and earns 23,556 pounds a year.

He also found that an average Briton is caught on CCTV 300 times a day, and has sex eight times a month.

His wife may not like to know that her husband has had, on average, six sexual partners.

The 29-year-old filmmaker, whose 30-minute film will be shown in a new series First Cut on Channel 4 later this month, traipsed around some of the land’s most statistically unremarkable towns in search of his Nowhere Man.

However, the people he met during his research were far from two-dimensional. Everyone had something remarkable about them.

Wardle came frustratingly close to ending his hunt when he found a school caretaker from Dartford, Kent.

However, Wardle had to deny him the title of Britain’s Most Average Man because he drove a Vauxhall Zafira and not a Ford Fiesta.

According to Wardle’s expectations, Mr Average works more than 40 hours a week, will say sorry 1.9 million times in his life and spend 45 hours a year “on hold” on the telephone. He believes in God.

He considers himself working class, has between eight and 14 close friends and goes on a foreign holiday once a year.

However, in the end, after exhausting the cul-de-sacs of our most average town - Colchester - he tracked Mr Average down - in Swindon.

First Cut: In Search of Mr Average, will be shown on Channel 4 on Nov 23 at 7.30pm. (ANI)

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