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American University of Antigua’s Associate Director of Admissions
Answers Questions Related to Medical Scholarships

Who can apply for American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) scholarships at the American University of Antigua (AUA)? Do students need a U.S. education or can students from India also apply?

Prospective students with a Bachelor’s degree or 90 college credits may apply. AUA welcomes qualified international students to attend its campus in Antigua. They must provide us with their TOEFL or IELTS scores to test their English proficiency, along with the rest of the application materials, before attending. Also, students with Indian citizenship cannot apply to Kasturba Medical College International Center (KMCIC), as the program is designed for international students only.

What are the criteria for scholarships – are the scholarships completely need-based?

AUA scholarships are available for a diverse selection of students. There are scholarships for undergraduate academic achievement, veterans, EMTs/paramedics, Antiguan citizens, underrepresented minorities in medicine, and, most recently, Indian-Americans. Financial need is taken into consideration while electing candidates who will receive these scholarships as long as they fulfill the basic requirements. For the AAPI scholarship, decisions are ultimately made by the Scholarship Committee, which will decide on the criteria at a later date.

How did this partnership come about? When did the process begin?

AUA has a long-standing relationship with AAPI. Originally, AUA had an AAPI-sponsored scholarship that was less inclusive as the one that we have now. This scholarship is the result of the work of Neal Simon, President of AUA, Dr. Hemant Patel, the Chairman of the AAPI Charitable Foundation of New York, and Par Prem Kumar, Associate Director of Admissions – International.

The financial incentives will cover tuition and fees until the fifth semester. What does this mean and how will students defray costs after this period?

Students that earn the AAPI scholarship will be covered until they begin their Clinical Sciences. AUA offers a loan program that allows the cost of the program to be deferred until after students graduate. The loan covers most of their tuition. For Clinical Sciences, the maximum loan amount is $17,494 and the total cost of attendance, including tuition and estimated housing, is $18,550.

Does AUA already give scholarships to students who need aid? Is this different because it is geared to Indian students?

This is the only scholarship available exclusively for students of Indian descent at AUA.
· One scholarship will be awarded to an incoming student in each of AUA’s January, May, and September entering classes. Does this mean a total of 3 students every year?

Three students shall be awarded the scholarship each year – 1 per entering class.

Would students be given a chance to serve in India for some time?

Non-Indian citizens may choose to take their Basic Sciences in India through KMCIC. AUA’s education is geared towards allowing students to practice medicine in the U.S. and Canada. Students begin their studies in either Antigua or India and then they come to the U.S. for their clinical rotations.

How well are AUA medical students recognized in U.S. hospitals? Can you share some statistics on their placement?

Students have been matched at prestigious hospitals across the U.S. and Canada, including Harbor Hospital, the University of Toronto, Mercer University Medical Center, among others. Some AUA graduates have become chief residents at hospitals where they are currently serving their residencies. AUA students have a long history of accomplishment. Hassan Masri, from the Class of 2010, is currently conducting an extensive research study at the hospital he matched, which began before he started his residency. Rahul Bighat, who is currently on his clinical rotations, won the regional Doctor’s Dilemma competition at Harbor Hospital with a team consisting of students from well-respected Caribbean medical schools. Seema Kumar, an AUA student and graduate, accomplished the same several years ago.


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