“Mean Girls 2″ Premieres On ABC

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By Meena Kar
Mean Girls 2Jan 24, (THAINDIAN NEWS) The much awaited teen television film “Mean Girls 2″ was premiered on ABC yesterday. This teen flick, is the sequel of the highly received 2004 television film, “Mean Girls”. The back drop on the sequel is very much similar to that of the original film, but a few exciting changes have made the sequel a little better than the last one.

In “Mean Girls 2″, Jo Mitchell, played by Meaghan Jette Martin, get friendly with her old foe, Abby Hanover, played by Jennifer Stone. The two friends, now get together to take on the plastics, the group of the “mean girls” in the school, headed by Mandi Weatherly. The Plastics are once again mean towards Jo, as she has chosen to be friendly with Abby, instead of them. They try to create a very uncomfortable situation for Jo, by doing certain mean things which are quite typical of their group. For example, they put superglue on her seat, so that they could take a revenge from her. Mandi get annoyed with Jo, when she met Tyler in a shop class. She asks Nick to lend Tyler her car, so that she can record the conversation between the two, to play it in front of the class the next day. Jo gets a bolt from the blue when she comes to know that Tyler in Mandi’s step brother.

Similarly, Jo has to undergo several other demeaning situation, getting subjected to the meanness of the Plastics. Later on, Jo and Abby decided to combat the bullies by creating another group, and named it as anti plastics, in order to take a revenge from them. In a way, the sequel is quite interesting and inspiring for those teenagers who are often subjected to bullies in school. Meaghan Jette Martin portrayed her character with full conviction, and she looked quite cute in her initial timid and submissive role.

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