Mayim “Blossom” Bialik on TLC tonight

May 30th, 2009 - 7:14 pm ICT by GD  

Former child actress and star of NBC sitcom “Blossom”, Mayim Bialik, is to be featured on tonight’s episode of “What not to Wear” on TLC. 33 year old Bialik, now a mom of two sons ( Miles, 3 and a half, and Frederick,9 months), will be assisted by Stacey London and Clinton Kelly through a makeover. This is the seventh season of the show.

Mayim Bialik’s Blossom was an obvious consideration for bad 80s wardrobe case. And from what sneak previews reveal, Bialik is game about the whole thing. She comments on her dreadful clothes for the character, Blossom, and how she would dance in the show at every opportune moment.

Bialik has told that she is all taken up with the upbringing of her two sons, and the situation is so tight, that she hardly has time to invest in considering latest trends. She, along with her husband Michael Stone, believe in bringing up their children themselves, without the help of nannies or childcare. They go by Dr. Sear’s attachment parenting theory. Though it gets hectic and tiring sometimes, Bialik says it is very rewarding to bring up her children by herself.

After Blossom, Bialik gave up showbiz and went in for higher studies. She went to attend UCLA, even though reports suggested that she had got through in Yale and Harvard. The reason she cited was that she wanted to stay close to her parents. Recently she made appearances in “Bones”, “Curb your Enthusiasm”, “Fat Actress” and some more. She had acted in the film “Kalamazoo?”, which was released in late 2005.

But it was mostly the part of “Blossom”, that accounts for her popularity till date. She had won the Best Young artist award for her performance in “Beaches” in 1989.

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