Marine Rudy Reyes: The Apocalypse Man

January 7th, 2010 - 9:04 pm ICT by GD  

By Ranjan Bhaduri,
Marine Rudy ReyesJan 7, (THAINDIAN NEWS) “The Apocalypse Man“, a show that aired on History Channel has made its viewers entranced enough that they have been continuously twittering about it since the show went on air on January 6. Rudy Reyes was seen as the Apocalypse man who has fought for his country in Afghanistan and Iraq. The War veteran went on to show survival techniques to his audience in case they are the sole survivors of the impending doomsday. The show was based on the prophecies of Nostradamus, as claimed by the channel’s official site. With 2012 stated as the apocalypse year, it is no wonder that survival strategies have started becoming the hot trends among public.

The seasoned soldier went on to travel through run-down buildings showing of survival techniques which included burning a fire using steel wool, trying to find a roof above your head and also how to work radio transmissions. The Apocalypse, is now no more an “if ” phenomenon, having become “a when”, be it in 2012 or later.

The 38 year old man behind the show, Rudy Reyes, hails from Kansas City and his father was a marine too who served in the Vietnam war. Having an unstable childhood, made Rudy Reyes’ mind and body to become like that of a tough kung-fu knowing marine. The show in-between commercials showed a disclaimer that read, “This program is a theoretical account of the worst case scenario for a global disaster. This is not a real emergency”. If doomsday news is brought on by USA’s hottest, rugged marine, it probably wont be so doomed a notion for the viewers anymore.

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