Man presumed dead wakes up during organ-removal surgery

June 11th, 2008 - 3:13 pm ICT by ANI  

London, June11 (ANI): A man, whose heart stopped beating for 1-1/2 hours, stunned doctors by returning to life just as surgeons were about to remove his organs for donation.

When doctors in Paris failed to save this 45-year old man who suffered a massive heart attack, they called for transplant surgeons.

The doctors continuously gave him a heart massage for an hour and a half before the surgeons had arrived, says a report by the Paris university hospital’s ethics committee, also seen by Le Monde newspaper.

However, just when the surgeons started operating on the man for removing his organs, he started breathing; his pupils became responsive and even reacted to a pain test.

“After a few weeks chequered with serious complications, the patient is now walking and talking,” The Telegraph quoted the report, as stating.

In fact, no body knows if the man had any idea that he got so close to losing his organs.

Also, there are serious implications of this incident, as it highlights the ethical problems that doctors come across while deciding when a donor is really dead.

“All specialised medical literature on the subjects allows one to conclude that a person who has suffered cardiac arrest and has had proper heart massage for over 30 minutes is, for all purposes, brain dead. But one must acknowledge that exceptions do exist … there are no hard and fast rules on best practice, Professor Alain Tenaillon, in charge of organ transplants at France ’s biomedical agency, told Le Monde. (ANI)

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