Mallika compared to Angelina, JeLo

August 16th, 2009 - 4:42 pm ICT by IBNS  

While most Indian press has been writing about the scandalous dress Mallika Sherawat wore to her first big Hollywood premiere, popular US press outlets have compared the Bollywood star who is currently residing in Hollywood to Jennifer Lopez and Elizabeth Hurley who also made their red carpet debuts in eye-popping outfits. Some even have said that Mallika “Upstaged Angelina”!

The much-heralded Huffington Post, a favorite among Americans, featured the sensational Mallika story exposing the star to many millions of North Americans for the first time. From the article: “As Ms Sherawat is well aware, it has the power to make heads turn, shutterbugs click, journalists write…”

The HuffPo article continues:”Hollywood does have a history of scandalous dresses raising career graphs! Remember J-LO’s threatening-to-come-undone green Versace outfit at the Grammy’s in 2000? The green palm-leaf patterned dress pushed an on-the-verge-of-a-musical break-through Jennifer Lopez to the good side… There’s also Elizabeth Hurley’s revealing black Versace piece precariously held together by safety pins. After Hurley wore it to the premiere of ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’, she became a household name overnight… Ms Sherawat has also been hobnobbing with the right peeps in LA — hip hop star Usher met the actress and promised to dedicate a song to her, Ozzy Ozbourne hung out with her before a concert and talk show host Oprah Winfrey planned an India trip with the actress, which was cancelled at the last moment because of the flu scare.

“She’s even got a coveted Hollywood milkshake named after her, joining the likes of Paris Hilton and David Beckham; she’s the first Indian celebrity to get invi! ted to Twitter’s LA headquarters, and if that wasn’t enough, Los Angeles has awarded the actress honorary citizenship!”

Some western blogs even ran headlines like, ‘Hollywood’s New IT Girl’ and ‘Mallika Upstages Jolie’, as the curvaceous Bollywood star stood her on in front of the stick-thin Angelina.

Like the Huffington Post article ends, “Dress for Headlines. They all do it.”

Mallika has been gaining incredible momentum while staying in Hollywood during the post-production of HISSS, receiving awards, spending time with industry VIPs and stars, being the first Asian star invited to the Twitter headquarters, and most recently being the first Indian star to be honoured and recognized by the City of Los Angeles with a Resolution in her name presented by the Mayor and Los Angeles City Council.

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