Make Up Kit For Teenagers: Bare Essentials

January 20th, 2011 - 4:32 pm ICT by Sampurn Wire  

Make up for teenagers is fast gaining as much importance as any other age group has. Thus it is very essential for teenagers to get hold of the just right kind of kit, so as to keep their skin in full bloom.

Generally teenagers suffer from problems like acne and pimples that lead to a whole load of problems like blemishes and things. Thus keeping in mind such ailments, it is of prime importance to invest in a proper face wash. A neem based face wash would be the best for acne and pimple prone skin. For the others it is important to invest in a moisturized form.

After cleansing there is the nourishment. Thus invest in a baby cream that is from a reputed brand. Apply just a wee bit and then the protection.

This aspect should be well seen into by investing in a proper sunscreen. Remember that since teens are almost always out their skin needs to be protected well from germs and dirt. Make sure to use a daily sun screen which can last for hours.

After the face looks clean the next area should be the eyes. Proper liner for well defined eyes should have very light colored eyeliners and mascara for the evenings out. Lips need to be nourished with proper lip balms and creams.

These days many fruit based balms are available, which are quite an incentive for teenagers to make their lips look pink and glowing.

Nail enamel in the proper shades look cool on any teen. However loud colored ones can also be opted as this is the time to have some fun with experimental nail décor.

Then the  hair. Hair needs to be kept thoroughly clean at all times. Apply a liitle gel and brush it with light strokes to make sure that there are no tangles or knots. So the make up kit for a teen ager should be chosen with these basic needs in mind. Come on get going if you have a teen at home or better still if you happen to be a teen yourself!

–Niky Sharma / Sampurn Wire

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