Madonna reveals track details of new album Hard Candy

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London, April 21 (ANI): Madonna has revealed the track details of her highly anticipated 11th studio album dubbed Hard Candy.

The pop star, who recorded her new album in collaboration with Justin Timberlake, Timbaland and Pharrell Williams, has described the tracks in her own words.

The first song of the album, which is set to release on April 29, is Candy Shop.

This was the first song I wrote with Pharrell. Its one of my favourites on the record. It personifies the mood I was in making the record lots of innuendo. You can get so many things in a candy shop, The Sun quoted Madonna, as saying.

Talking about the second song 4 Minutes, the pop star said: If youre paying attention to what’s going on in the world the Middle East, the (US) election, the environment, theres so much chaos and turmoil everywhere. Are you going to be part of the problem or part of the solution? But people also need to be cheered up. We also need to have fun and be given a sense of hope.

Third on the track list is Give It 2 Me.

Its going to be a great song to do live. I can see the whole place jumping. Its the ultimate Give me all youve got, dont try to stop me. And a great song to work out to, Madonna said.

At number four is Heartbeat, which marks a departure of style with a heavily 1980s-influenced sound.

The fifth track is Miles Away, which goes back to Madonnas new urban sound.

This is the first song I wrote with Justin. Its definitely a song people in my business can relate to. All of us in the studio were like, Yeah, I get that, she said.

Sixth is Shes Not Me, about which the 49-year-old said: We were listening to a lot of Debbie Harry records. Its kind of Debbie Harry meets Gloria Gaynor I Will Survive. Pharrell came up with the hook so we concocted a story about the ultimate jilted lover.

The albums seventh single is Incredible about which Madonna said: Theres a lot of angst in it and a lot of desire wanting to recreate some feeling of happiness and fulfilment. But its also about abandonment and having a good time. Pharrell was playing me all these songs from Baltimore. Theres this sound coming out of Baltimore. He kept calling it The Be More.

Eighth song is Beat Goes On that features more America rap royalty, Kanye West.

Lucky for us, Kanye West was recording his album across the hall while we were making our record. We were also channelling Marvin Gaye and different artists from the past, she said.

Dance Tonight is the ninth song, and it is a duet with JT with worthy lyrics about doing our bit for charity.

Spanish Lesson, which is the tenth song, the singer tries out her multilingual skills.

The eleventh song is The Devil Wouldnt Recognize You, a reworked mid-tempo outtake from Madonnas last album, Confessions On A Dance Floor.

The album wraps up with the deepest track Voices, which has lyrics about the master and slave. The song is about people being slaves to their egos.

Both were written in the first chunk of time I had writing with Justin. Devil is a song about a person who everyone has in their life a person who gets away with everything. Voices is about people playing mind games and who go on ego trips, she said

The line, Are you walking the dog or is the dog walking you? . . . its like, whos in control here? These last two songs really make you think and theres something very orchestral and lush about them. We started out light with Candy Shop and ended in a thoughtful way with Voices. I think it was a good journey to go on, she added. (ANI)

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