Maa Exchange: Pooja Bedi Vs. Anuradha Nigam

January 13th, 2011 - 12:29 pm ICT by Sampurn Wire  

Sony Entertainment Television has come up with a very interesting show titled ‘Maa Exchange’.

This is one reality show with something different. The show has two real life mothers exchanging their lives with each other for a period of almost eight days. During this period each of them has to lead the life of the other just the way it was lived by the original woman.

Thus this week has actress and socialite Pooja Bedi having exchanged her place with the Anuradha Nigam, wife of a popular comedian Raju Nigam.

Pooja Bedi, who normally manages her huge lush home with the help of three domestic helps is suddenly thrown into the compact home of the comedian with no maid at all and a young child to handle.

The other lady, Anuradha is thrust into the posh home of the actress with two teen kids and three maids leaving her absolutely dumbfounded on day one.

Thus began the trials and tribulations of both these moms. Pooja Bedi, who is used to a clean and squeaky home, got the shock of her life as she entered the comedian’s home. There was dust all over and the kitchen had all kinds of filth with insect ridden foodstuff etc.

As Pooja Bedi tried to make herself clear with the Comedian asking him to clean the kitchen first if he wanted home cooked food, there was tension between them. However, since it was the first day Pooja was allowed to order food from outside.

On the other hand the comedian’s wife was quite out of place with the maids on her head. She did not know what to say to them and thus the first day was utter confusion with the maids cooking whatever was wanted by Pooja Bedi’s daughter Aalia and her friends.

The next day saw Pooja Bedi having a tiff with the comedian over tea and the kid’s  food. She argued that if his wife could feed the child sweets like ladoos which were a week old why couldn’t she give the child tandoori roti which was just a day old? However, the actress at last managed to win the comedian’s heart and even the child Yashraj slowly became very comfortable with Pooja aunty.

Well, the comedian’s wife on the other hand just cannot handle the pressure of a lavish lifestyle and thus the maids’ got angry with her and so did the young daughter of Pooja.The first four days had them leading the life according to the rules set by the original lady of the house. The next four days will have new rules set by the replaced ladies.

Today’s episode will catch on more on the trouble in adjustments by both the mothers. So, watch out for this one.

–Niky Sharma / Sampurn Wire

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