‘Love, Wrinkle-free’ - fun despite the wrinkles (IANS Movie Review)

May 26th, 2012 - 5:01 pm ICT by IANS  

Film: “Love, Wrinkle Free”; Cast: Ash Chandler,Shernaz Patel, Seema Rahmani, Ashwin Mushran; Director: Sandeep Mohan; Rating: ***

Every year only a handful of English films are made in India, fewer still finding a release. The marriage of English and cinema is one that has sad­ly not happened in the country.

Hence, to see a film made in English that retains local Indian flavours despite a few flaws, is a sheer delight. “Love, Wrinkle-free” is that tangy little Indian English comedy which has few parallels in the country.

Middle-aged Savio (Ash Chandler) with an adopted teenage daughter and a seven-year-older henpecking wife Annie (Shernaz Patel), is going through troubles in his job. The couple discover that despite her age, and inspite of many failed attempts, Annie is pregnant.

Savio, meanwhile, falls for a suave businessman Rajiv (Theron D’souza), who raises money to invest in his business.

As things start falling apart, Savio finds himself falling for Rajiv’s girlfriend Natalie (Seema Rahmani) even as Rajiv goes absconding with his money. Things, it seems, can’t go worse. But they do.

There are many things that work for this little indie Indian-English comedy. Most of all are the actors.

Ash Chandler is likeable as the perennially confused, hassled and typical Goan man Savio. However, it is Shernaz Patel as his wife who excels in the film and holds it together.

As director Sandeep Mohan digs deep into Goan culture, he finds many of their idiosyncrasies that make for funny screen time. The writing is also funny with some really witty lines.

A film set in Goa cannot be devoid of music. And this one has its decent share with some foot-tapping numbers and some hilarious songs like the one called “Kha Momo (eat momos)”. Its silly, irreverent lyrics go on and on in all seriousness.

Despite many elements that come together, especially the wit and humour that sparkle in bits, the main flaw of the film lies in the end that seems rushed up as many things are left unexplained. Many opportunities to play up the humour at the climax are missed.

The stereotype of low-budget indie film is that they are supposed to be serious. It is hence refreshing to see one that isn’t.

Of course, you can’t expect a masterpiece with this one, but why should you? Just because it is an indie film does not mean it has to be boring, oblong and serious to boot.

Go expecting a film that is fun, has a few laughs and a lot of giggles. Expect a spicy Goan fish curry and you won’t be disappointed. If you ever had the inclination to support a small but well made indie film, this one you must not miss.

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