Love Represents The Theme In The ‘Top Chef’ Kitchen

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July 16, 2010 (Pen Men at Work): Top Chef is an American reality program concentrating on competition that is telecast on the cable television network, Bravo. Here, the ordinary contestants, as chefs, vie against each other in cooking tests. These ordinary contestants are assessed by a board of proficient chefs and other noteworthy personalities from the food and wine industry. One or more than one contestants are ejected in every chapter of the program.

On Wednesday, love was the chief constituent in ‘Top Chef: D.C.’ There were contestants or twosomes such as Angelo and Tamesha, Ed and Tiffany, all the females and Kenny or Kenny and himself. Nonetheless, the air was overflowing with passion.

Wednesday night’s episode represented another encounter between Kenny and Angelo. On this occasion, they unreservedly confessed that they were in a clash to determine who, amongst them, happened to be the larger alpha male. In the end, Kenny demonstrated himself to be just that. Angelo, it must be mentioned, illustrated numerous indications of being Mr. Creepy.

The program on Wednesday commenced with a small amount of fluff. It focused on who in the home is endeavoring to woo whom. What was displayed was that Angelo was attempting to woo Tamesha. It must be confessed that, while making that attempt, Angelo was behaving in the manner of a weird aged male. Ed was trying to worm his way into Tiffany in a strange manner too. Existence on a reality program can generate eccentricity in the contestants.

Then, the time had arrived for the quick fire challenge. The guest adjudicator happened to be Chef Patrick O’Connell from the state of Maryland. One mentions Maryland and one of the thoughts that immediately come to mind represent the blue crabs. There were loads of blue crabs on the show. The straightforward challenge for the contestants was to generate a dish employing the crab.

Patrick’s least preferred crab dishes were by Andrea, Amanda and Kevin. Andrea had cooked warm crab salad. Amanda had prepared crab salad with juniper gelee and Kevin had managed to generate blue crab chowder. Patrick’s much loved dishes were by Ed, Kenny and Angelo. Ed had produced crab, the inspiration of which was scenic Thailand. Kenny had prepared crab 3 ways. Angelo had readied crab broth with Thai aroma.

There was an enormous amount of soups and salads than any other dish. This would certainly have made one feel that he was watching a Weight Watchers conference. The winner, at the end of the day, happened to be Ed. He procured invulnerability for this week.

For the ejection challenge, the ordinary chefs were transported on a field trip to Ayrshire Farms. These happen to be one of the nation’s biggest all-organic farms. There, the contestant chefs had to provide lunch like a family for 40 neighboring chefs and farmers. These chefs would be accompanied by O’Connell and the standard adjudicators such as Padma Lakshmi, Tom Colicchio and Eric Ripert.

Timothy happened to be the candidate axed this week. He may have been shocked by the decision. However, the adjudicators uttered that the insipid and flimsily chopped turnip, potato and asparagus he had bequeathed was simply unable to fascinate the senses. It nonetheless appears that Amanda and Stephen are going to be the prime candidates to be ejected from the show next.

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