Lost Season 5 finale leaves fans with mixed emotions

May 14th, 2009 - 8:42 pm ICT by John Le Fevre  

Lost Season 5 The finale to the fifth season of the popular American television series Lost aired on May 13 in the United States leaving many fans up in the air and others totally flat. Either way, the shows legions of fans are certain to tune in when Lost season six, titled Destiny Found, commences in February 2010.

Set around the lives and adventures of crash survivors of fictional Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 on a South Pacific island, the sixth, 17-episode season will be the final in the program, which commenced in September 2004.

In the two-hour long fifth season finale, Lost fans followed two timelines. The first takes place on the island where the remaining survivors erratically jump backward and forward through time until they are finally stranded with the Dharma Initiative in 1977. The second takes place off the island and follows the “Oceanic Six’s” return to the island on Ajira Airways Flight 316 in early 2008.

Ending with a giant whiteout of the screen simulating the explosion of a Hydrogen bomb, Lost fans have been quick to either praise or slam the ending.

While some fans such as “LostFan” claimed the Lost series five finale was, “the best episode ever made! Can’t wait for season six of Lost!”, others such as “Sydney” described the ending as, “kind of disappointing and frustrating…they left us so hanging and we gotta (sic) wait eight months for what another shocking series. I can’t believe LOST. But for the record, it was the best episode ever. Others were more scathing labeling it “a dud” and “a cheap way to end the series”.

If a controversial ending is what the producers were after they certainly managed to achieve it, as well as creating a range of lingering speculation as to how Lost Series six will pan out.

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