Liz Trotter contemplates killing Obama just for laughs

May 27th, 2008 - 10:25 pm ICT by David M N James  

Liz Trotter Fox News jokes have become a real gag and many viewers are going gaga as she jokes about killing Obama. Based from various contexts arising from American solutions social- economic perspectives, Trotter has contextualized the Obama profile and made up the reason for her incentive. However, Trotter is in trouble with millions of Obama supporters and soon, the feds. The jokes have raised brows and many people are calling upon Liz Trotters arrest. Trotter has starred in Fox news, a television channel and has gained illicit fame for this kinky joke. Fox news is sympathetic to Hilary Clinton who is battling it out with Barrack Obama.

Fox news, a lead television station owned by magnate Murdoch has come under fire by Democrats for allowing Trotters joke to be aired. Fox has been warned of impending problems if it continues its anti Barrack Obama sentiments. It is being termed as the one weapon that will assassinate Obama either for real or politically. Trotter views are not different from some conservative American Solutions to arising social contexts.

Trotter’s jokes have featured in as a video. Fox has come under criticism for these jokes with many replies sending a signal that Fox does anything to please Murdoch the media magnate. However, the context of Trotters remarks and jokes about killing Obama are widely viewed as her political sentiments. Trotter is a Hillary Clinton fan and supporter and she is feeling resentment towards Barrack Obama.

Though she is a prolific figure in mainstream American populace Liz Trotters Obama assassination joke has not gone down well with many Americans. There has been an urgent call to have Liz arrested by the feds and most Obama campaigners are supporting this call.

But the context of the Trotter remark lies within the profound sentiments shared widely across the American electorate. Most view Barrack Obama is just another Bush who will do nothing good for the American people. Some have expressed their support but openly in their criticism of Liz Trotter joke, said they doubt if Obama is any good to America.

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