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June 4th, 2009 - 10:53 am ICT by Sampurn Wire  

A brand new season of little champ is back in little different format. An age old debate between girls and boys to prove the superiority will now exchange blows musically. Veteran singers and judges on the show Abhijeet Bhattacharya and Alka Yagnik have formed their teams of boys and girls respectively. Melodious Alka expresses her excitement, “A different kind of thrill is experienced when there is a clash between girls and boys in any kind of competition. It will be the USP of this season”. But Abhijeet maintains, “Though we have formed a team, for us the contestant is not a girl or a boy. We will purely be judging them on their ability”. These talents are fetched from nook and corner of India after rigorous auditions.

Relatives of both the judges did participate in this season but could not make it. “My niece had auditioned in this season but as she was not as good as others I did not let her go ahead” she puts in plain words. “I clearly told all my relatives that auditions are open for all. If your child is competent then we will definitely take him/her ahead” Abhijeet adds his ingredient. They have become expertise with kids but the allegations from parents have always made their job difficult. Alka recalls, “One of the parents had made allegations that we are picking children from Bengal and Assam mainly. For every parent their child is the best one. Honestly I am judging these children irrespective of their region. I will request parents to not to pressurize their kids”. Abhijeet has already made it clear with all the parents, “He is your child let him be part of the competition. He has not come here to look for a job. And never try to fulfill your dreams through him”.

Both the judges take pleasure in unearthing the hidden talents but at the same time its rather challenging for them to deal with the most delicate creature of almighty. “It’s indeed a challenge, as we cannot pump over confidence in them by praising them high and also cannot be harsh on them, we have to mildly explain them their shortfalls”. Abhijeet choose to befriend them and make his job easier, “I get very friendly with these kids backstage. I chat with them on a very casual level so that they would not take it to heart if I scold them”. Alka have been judging all the seasons of the show. “Whatever we have achieved so far and the resources we have, here we can use it to groom the new talents. It is easy to groom the children as they are in learning period. But for adults, if they have problem with their diction or vocal quality it is difficult to rectify as it has become permanent with them”.

“Little champs’ is always coupled with the varied controversies. Parents’ allegations and differences between judges are the gimmicks prevailed in this show. Latest development in the format will definitely air the controversies further in this season. -Sampurn Media

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