Lindsay Lohan’s Lawyer States That A Urine Test Has Showed No Alcohol In Her Body

June 20th, 2010 - 7:44 pm ICT by Pen Men At Work  

lohan1 June 20, 2010 (Pen Men at Work): Shawn Chapman Holley is a legal representative for the distressed actress, Lindsay Lohan. He has declared that she did not possess alcohol in her system when her SCRAM bracelet triggered an alarm on June 7 at Katy Perry’s MTV Movie Awards afterparty.

Chapman Holley asserted to E! Online that a urine test organized shortly subsequent to the alarm demonstrated a negative result for alcohol. An unidentified source has mentioned that a urinalysis had been done via Medtox labs and it was signaled that there was zilch alcohol in Lindsay’s body at that time.

The 23-year-old Lohan, who has had a depressing recent history, is put through weekly arbitrary drug testing. She has not been permitted by the court to guzzle alcohol. For now, Lohan continues to be at liberty on a massive $200,000 bail. This is a number that was doubled during an emergence in the courthouse on June 8 subsequent to the SCRAM incident.

A representative for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s (DA) office uttered to People that they have not been informed about the negative result. An officer of the DA’s workplace had earlier articulated that the alarm was an infringement associated with alcohol.

The SCRAM bracelet is placed on the ankle and is attuned to distinguish signals of alcohol via perspiration. Lohan’s Mom has proclaimed that some person at the party dropped alcohol on the device sported by Lindsay Lohan. Holley refuted the report that Lindsay had meddled with the SCRAM bracelet.

Lindsay will have to encounter an inquiry on July 6 related to her alleged probationary breach. Lindsay may receive the punishment of six months in a prison if the judge ascertains that she has not honestly adhered to the conditions of her probation.

However, in keeping with Star Magazine, Lindsay recently abandoned her voicelessness on this issue in a special interview. She purportedly pronounced to the magazine that the intrusiveness of the entertainment media must end. It is demolishing her professional future. She stated that she has not consumed alcohol at all. The lie that she has drunk alcohol that is being perpetrated by the media is injuring her reputation. She desires that people do not interfere in her life and permit her to live in peace.

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