Life Changing Decisions To Be Announced On Jon & Kate Plus 8

June 19th, 2009 - 2:55 am ICT by GD  

Jon and Kate Plus 8 Here comes another page out of the Jon and Kate Gosselin saga. The two are supposedly going to make some life altering announcements on the show in the upcoming episode this Monday. The promos of the mysterious announcement on the network have already created a buzz, given the estranged status of the couple in the present scenario.

It is not an unknown issue that the Gosselins are having a rocky patch in their marriage presently. In fact the couple has also avoided appearing on the show simultaneously. The rumor that Jon has been two timing Kate with a 23-year-old kindergarten teacher has embittered their relationship to a great extent. Kate even celebrated her birthday alone, without Jon being present for the occasion.

Only yesterday the news of Kate beating her daughter, Leah, had stirred up a lot of talks. Now the voice over of Kate is heard in the promos stating, “Recently, we’ve made some life changing decisions. Decisions that will affect every member of our family, ones that we hope will bring each of us some peace.” The images accompanying the voice over only emphasizes the vast distance that has settled between the two.

The TLC promos very loudly shout out with the captions “A Family In Turmoil”, “A Relationship At a Crossroads”, “Where Do They Go From Here?” and “Jon & Kate have an announcement.” The June 22nd episode will be replacing the originally scheduled “Mother’s Day Episode”, which would have found Kate enjoying a brunch at her favorite restaurant and taking off on a book tour.

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