Laura Waring Demands More Cash

May 22nd, 2009 - 1:38 am ICT by GD  

Laura Waring, Real Housewife from Orange County said she wants more money from her ex-husband because she earns only $400 every month. According to the legal documents submitted to the Orange County Superior Court, Laura has said that she makes only about $400 a month but her expenses run up to $12,000. She said that under these circumstances, the money that Phillip Waring is giving her is just not enough. Meanwhile Laura has said that she is trying to supplement her income with two jobs. She said she works as an insurance agent as well as an actress. She said her estimate was that Philip earns around $360,000 every year and therefore can pay her a higher amount than he is paying at present.

Meanwhile, the third season of Real Housewives of Orange County had seen Laura hitch up with George Peterson. Speaking about her new husband and how she met him, Laura had said, “I was set up with George on a blind date by a woman that I had met just six months before. She is an Orange County clothing designer of a line called Marisa K. She started helping out the Housewives with photo shoots and interviews by lending us her clothing. She and her husband, Brad, have been friends of George for nearly 20 years. I met the three of them for dinner one night. When I met George, I was at a point in my life where the walls surrounding my heart were very high. I really wasn’t interested in meeting them for dinner that night, thought of every excuse to cancel, but eventually showed up over an hour late. Throughout the evening, I did everything in my power to scare George away by telling him the events of my life. Every story that I told, George had one better (or worse, actually)! I felt so comfortable and at ease with him, The walls starting crumbling fast! We closed the restaurant that night and have seen each other every day since. It was attraction at first sight and although love came quickly, I would say it was more like two weeks later.”

So why this sudden demand for more money? Is there something about Laura that we do not understand yet?

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