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Larry DavidLast night Conan O’Brien’s guests on “The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien” were Larry David and Lauren Conrad and musical guest Gavin Rossdale. It was the the 12th episode of season 1. Larry David commented on Conan O’Brien saying that, “The guy can’t do live TV. Anything but curb is an insult.”

The veteran actor Larry David has been nominated for three Golden Globes, he has won 9 awards and 28 nominations besides. His new movie “Whatever Works” is scheduled to hit the theaters on Friday, June 19. The movie is directed by Woody Allen. Allen had written the script for the film in the 1970s, keeping in mind that he wanted to cast Larry David in the lead.

In the pre- release press conference, the films cast like Woody Allen, Larry David, Evan Rachel Wood and the others sat down to publicly discuss their film. Woody Allen was asked how much improvisations had to be done to a script written in the 1970s to fit in today’s time. In his reply, Allen said that some changes had to be made to the script to make it fit in today’s perspective. Though the base material and the relative context as well as the references remained intact, the social and the political angles had to be updated and refreshed.

The story of “Whatever Works” centers around the lives of Boris and Melody. Boris is a 62 year old man, who is oozing pessimism all around him, like a typical grouch. In to his life, one fine day enters the young and flighty, 20 something Melody. The story is about how the two learn and give from each other and finally fall in love to settle in happy matrimony.

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