Lady Gaga Gets Away With Handcuffs

September 16th, 2010 - 6:40 pm ICT by GD  

By Gina Gomez
lady-gagaSep 16, (THAINDIAN NEWS) Pop star Lady Gaga gave surprise to many travelers at Los Angeles international airport on Monday where she is reported to have arrived wearing very little with a pair of handcuffs at her waist. Though the sight of her in handcuffs does not seems to have raised any alarm at the airport as there was no security problems reported and she was cleared off. A representative from the transportation security administration said that handcuffs do not present an immediate threat and is not included in the list of TSA’s forbidden items which includes nanchakus, dynamite, billy clubs, brass knuckles, nightsticks, cattle prods, gas torches, kubatons and flares.

Though the handcuffs not being on the prohibited list is understood the question that arises as to would a common man be allowed to have the same liberty of bringing in handcuffs with himself in an airport or is just Pop stars who are allowed to do so as it would look good on their outrageous image. The representative of the Transportation security administration said that the list of prohibited items is based on what the experts have analyzed and accessed as a threat to aviation security and luckily for Lady Gaga it did not include handcuffs.

When questioned about the outfit of Lady Gaga the representative refused to comment on it which consisted of skin colored underwear and bra, lace tights, hoof-shoes and a shiny gold jacket. In the 2010 MTV video music awards she is said to have been in a dress made of real meat. Perhaps her dressing style at the airport was not that bizarre after all.

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