Kudos to Kobe’s snake jump

May 27th, 2008 - 11:18 pm ICT by David M N James  

The snake jump made by Kobe Bryant has become a sensational in many basketball fans circles. Kobe is a famous basketball player who has been featured in many NBA profiles. He is a reputed player in the Los Angeles Lakers renowned LA Lakers. He made a prolific jump over a pool filled with snakes and created the most eminent profile of his life. The jump has attracted attention from major news channels and web portals.

The internet video has become a popular clip to many web video viewers with thousands being puzzled by this video. The Kobe jump bring the basketball player into the internet marketing schemes used by blue chip companies using cutthroat marketing and advertising strategies. Nike is downright into the game and it is to watch in this video. The jump is an example of Kobe’s hyper-dunks which portray his skill and increased capacity using the Nikes. With Nikes, Kobe snakes and jumps over a snake pool making what seems like a Kobe Bryant hyper dunk.

The Kobe Bryant jump has been termed as a jackass movie by many analysts and it is believed that the movie was being made for the NIKE brand. This derails the repute of the movie and creates the context of if the jumps were a mere NIKE abilities campaign. This is the truly profound. Kobe was wearing Nikes when the clip was shot and this raises brows on Nikes involvement in the movie. The jump has been criticized and many analysts are questioning if the jump was really a genuine one or some farce.

Comments by analyst give credit to Hollywood. ‘You can expect anything from Hollywood’ analysts assert noncommittally. The appearance of Kobe Bryant in the internet marketing is a much unexpected development and has become a public debate. The basket ball master jump is being viewed as a jump behind the free throw area. According to a comment by analysts, ‘this is like jumping from behind the free throw line. Kobe can’t even dunk from the free throw line’. These comments criticize the credibility to the jump and downplay its entertainment perspective.

Kobe Jumped the Snake YouTube Video

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