Kris Allen’s Version of the “Heartless”

May 14th, 2009 - 12:34 am ICT by GD  

This season of the American Idol is just getting better and better. With Kris Allen, Adam Lambert and Danny Gorkey all stepping up their gas and giving in their best shots, the contest is becoming a real interesting one.

It is an open fact now that Adam will be in the finals; but the question is who will get the second spot, Kris or Danny? To get an answer for this question all you need to do is watch American idol daily.

The last episode of American Idol (12th May), started off with a bit so- so performances from all the three contestants. Adam’s take on U2’s “One” started off well, but did not finish on the same note. “Apologize” from Kris was a bit on the low-key side and Danny - his performance was as unimpressive as the others.

However, in the second round, where the contestants was got to choose and sing their own songs, the true talent of all three came out. This round perhaps proved why the present three were there.

Kris Allen’s version of the “Heartless” was brilliant; once again proving that he has the heart and the voice to win this edition of the American Idol. His first performance in which he also played the piano was not up there, but his “Heartless” was as good as it can get and will surely put him in the finals.

One did get a bit confused when he chose, Kayne West’s “Heartless”, but once he started singing it the Kris way, all the confusion vanished. His version of the song was hip and modern but at the same time it was also classic and beautiful.

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