Kitna badal gaya insaan?

June 12th, 2009 - 2:38 am ICT by Sampurn Wire  

Kitna badal gaya insaan? Rajesh Kumar moved to Sydney after his graduation in hospitality. He has enrolled for his masters in one of the Australia’s leading and his dream institute. This ambitious chap was gradually adapting with the culture of kangaroo land.

One fine day he was engrossed in reading a book in his room. Abruptly something was hurled through the window inside the room. It was a petrol bomb that caused the burns to 30% of his body. He was rushed to hospital in a critical condition. This notorious attack is believed to be exercised by some fanatic groups. These groups have landed many Indian students’ in hospital to battle for their lives. These dreadful Attacks have caused panic amongst the student in Australia as well as the aspirants in India.

Attacks are though touted as racial; Australian government denies the racial intention but identifies it as vulnerability of Indian students to the criminals. Former Miss India and film actress Sayali Bhagat strongly condemns the attack, “Indian officials should take serious action against the culprits, to put an end to such attacks and ensure the security of students”. She further adds, “India is huge country and if this is not interfered now by the government, students will loose their trust on the country. We should all stand united against this”.

Rachana Shah, a film actress shares, “I have many friends and relatives all over Australia. Australians are lovely people. I am sure that it has started with somebody’s personal feud and is hyped racism by certain group”. She goes on, “Government should interfere instantly. I believe people who have nothing to do in life get into all this. If you go and ask that particular group, a reason for attacking Indian students, they will not have an answer”.

Vivek Sharma a Filmmaker sounded more like a peacemaker “Violence will create more violence we should intelligently dilute the matter. According to him, restricting our selves from shooting there and not sending students to Australia is not the solution. He believes, “If we go to someone’s house we should obey their rules. But government should seriously do something to protect our students there”.

-Deepa Mishra/Sampurn Media
Kitna badal gaya insaan?

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