Keith Richards used guns and hatchets to control Ronnie Wood’s drug use

November 14th, 2007 - 2:18 am ICT by admin  
The rocker reveals in his memoir ‘Ronnie’ that Richards, at one time got so angry with Wood that he went off to get his gun.

What makes this even more astonishing, is the fact that Richards “did heroin for 10 solid years,” reveals Wood.

“Everybody was angry with me around this time, and after a row with Keith one day, he stormed off to get his gun,” The New York Daily News quoted him, as writing in his tome.

“He returned with his derringer, pointed it at me and yelled ‘You f-ing b-!’ I calmly pulled out my .44 Magnum. And that was the last time Keith drew his gun on me… until the next time.”

The ‘next time’ however, instead of guns, there was a ratchet knife and broken bottle that Richards threatened Wood with.

Wood adds: “He barged in, broke the glass bowl of the pipe, and came straight at my face. … He smashed a bottle and cut me with it. I stormed out and went to find Mick [Jagger] and Charlie [Watts ], who were working on a song in a room along the corridor. While I stood there bleeding all over the carpet, Mick looked up and asked: ‘Have you got any ideas for the middle eight?’”

When Wood returned to the room, Richards “pulled out his huge ratchet knife, put it to my throat and yelled … ‘I’d f-ing cut your throat, but your girlfriend would never forgive me for all the mess I’d make.’” (ANI)

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