Katie Price Reveals Sexual Assault on Her

March 3rd, 2009 - 4:31 am ICT by GD  

Katie Price In a shocking revelation model Katie Price reveals she was sexually assaulted in a park when she was just six years old. Although some older children had scared off the paedophile, he was never arrested.

The revelation came after she spoke about how a convicted pedophile had photographed her as a teenager. The man had been hired to take her photos before she launched her modeling career at age 13. The photographer reportedly took pictures of her in underwear and in the nude and then hung them up all over his room. But Price, 30, does not seem to have been affected by the incident and says she had agreed to it because “I’m an exhibitionist. I always have been.”

The earlier incident had happened when Katie Price was six and was playing in the park with a friend while her mother sat on a bench some distance away. The man reportedly promised to buy the girls ice cream and then exposed himself while touching them. Older children happened to notice and scared the man away. Speaking about the incident Katie revealed, “Well, it’s never affected me. But obviously it must have done, for me to just feel like that. But I don’t know. You just learn to get on with things, don’t you? I haven’t got a problem normally with it, so I don’t know why I do have a problem with it now.”

Ms. Price also spoke about a shocking PVC outfit she had bought to wear on her father’s 30th birthday and reveled in the look it got from her parents.

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