Kate Gosselin Spanks Daughter Leah

June 17th, 2009 - 11:12 pm ICT by GD  

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Rumors are flying high that Kate Gossalin has spanked her daughter Leah. A video released on YouTube shows Kate beating her daughter, but it could not be actually concluded whether it is Leah or any of the other eights.

The video shows Kate of “Jon & Kate Plus 8″ giving Leah a sound thrashing, while the sobing girl remains looking at her mother with a teary face. There are a number of versions doing the rounds of the circuit at the present moment. In the media activity of the net, the videos recorded by the paparazzi are flying around actively, in sites like “Entertainment Tonight”.

It is reported that the police also landed up on the scene, but the reason for their arrival is not yet very clear. Whether Kate called them upon being bugged by the paparazzi or it was the other way round, is still in the fogs. In all probability it could have happened that the paparazzi called in the police when they discovered Kate getting physically violent with her daughter.

It is not a very unknown fact that Kate and Jon’s marriage is going through a very turbulent time. The couple might be headed for a separation too. In that case, if they land up in the courts against each other, fighting for a divorce, will this matter be used against Kate by Jon’s attorney.

To be fair to Kate, she might have had a valid reason for the alleged beating session. Since the whole story is not out yet, it is not very wise to come outright and blame her for the act.

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