Kate Gosselin and her “lonely new life”

May 30th, 2009 - 7:20 pm ICT by GD  

Kate Gosselin is going through a difficult time in her marriage and this is perhaps no new news. But the couple is continuing to make news by virtue of the revelations they are making. Kate has reportedly “begged” TLC to have a couple of more seasons of “Jon and Kate plus eight.” TLC executives are however of the opinion that for the show to continue further the couple must seek counseling. Kate is not too comfortable with such an idea. Many viewers of this very popular reality series feel that the psychological disturbances of Kate are taking a toll on Jon and the eight kids.

Kate’s feeling of loneliness is certainly not something that is earning her too many fans or sympathizers. Moreover, the US Weekly has carried shocking news that Kate has always been ill-treating Jon. She treated him like a slave and this made him lose all self-respect. She even rationed his expenses, giving him a meager $5 to spend per day, and if he asked for more money she would yell and shout. She is being portrayed as a very moody and ill-tempered woman, who threw tantrums all the time. According to the US Weekly, she is supposed to have misbehaved even with Jon’s father if he did not have her tea ready for her!

Those who have watched the new season of Jon and Kate plus eight know quite well that Kate has been complaining all the time about her “lonely new life.” Most viewers are of the view that Kate should realize that destroying her family on national television is not worth it even if she gets $75,000 per show for it.

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