K-Fed ranks No. 7 on Details ‘50 Most Influential Men under 45′ list

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Washington, Nov 28 (ANI): Kevin Federline had people baying for his blood when he was married to Britney Spears. But they way hes stepped up his parenting skills after her meltdown has had Details magazine naming him seventh on its list of the ‘50 Most Influential Men under 45′.

He was sharing his spot with another unlikely dad Larry Birkhead.

Details revealed that the two men found a place on the list because though people had expected them to crash and burn as fathers, they were the ones who were really involved in their kids lives.

“Meet America’s new parental role models. We all expected Kevin Federline and Larry Birkhead to crash and burn as fathers. Instead, by being more visible presences in their children’s lives than many Hollywood A-listers, they emerged as unlikely candidates for Dad of Year,” monstersandcritics.com quoted the publication, as stating.

“The New Dad, as represented by Kevin and Birkhead, is involved. He trucks the kids to the supermarket, decorates their bedrooms, and even lets them dictate the direction of his career.”

K-Fed also opens up in the magazine about his life with his kids, even though he doesnt mention his ex.

To be a father is … everything. It shows me how little I am, he says.

And, he certainly impressed the mags staffers at the Steven Klein photo shoot at his home in Tarzana, California.

Here is the person who people think of as this universal joke, who has oddly emerged as father of the year. The kids would go running to him and were very warm and very well behaved, Details editor in chief Dan Peres told Us magazine.

The top ten of Details Magazine’s Power 50 list:

1. Zac Efron, Shia LaBeouf, and the Disney Kids. Ages: 15 to 27
2. The Surge - Average Age: 27
3. Mark Zuckerberg - Founder, Facebook. Age: 23
4. The Bible Beaters - Age: Born Again Yesterday
5. The School Shooters - Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Ages: 18 and 17
6. The Subprime Sucker - Mortgage Defaulter. Age: 34
7. The Good Fathers - Kevin Federline and Larry Birkhead. Ages: 29 and 34
8. Muqtada al-Sadr - Shiite Cleric. Age: 34
9. The Other F-word - Age: Forever young
10. Howard Wolfson - Political Consultant for Hillary Clinton. Age: 40 (Last Year’s Rank: 47) (ANI)

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