Juliette Lewis guest stars on Memphis Beat

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By Anita Thomas
Protecting the birthplace of the Blues Detective Dwight Hendricks played by Jason Leigh not only upholds the law, but moonlights singing the music he grew up listening to his whole life. He became protective of his mother Paula after his father was killed in the line of duty. Dwight became more protective of her when he discovered she was dating a neighbor who Dwight did not know. His ex-wife Alex is continuously sending him mixed signals, confusing him more then he already seems to be. Alex sends Dwight a text although it doesn’t contain letters only a picture.

Juliette Lewis plays character Cleo Groves, a woman who is trying everything possible to keep her family together.

The opening scene shows Hendricks and Det. Whitehead (Sam Hennings) walking downtown Memphis when a punk looking kid stops dead in his tracks a few steps ahead of them. Hendricks stops looks up and to the left and sees that graffiti has been sprayed painted all over a billboard. The two characters stare eye to eye at one another, and then the kid takes off on a sprint. The two detectives chase him, but when he climbs a fence in the ally to get away from them, Whitehead is sure they lost him. Hendricks tells him to hold on he will be back, sure enough the kid comes racing back jumping over the fence and Whitehead naps him. He raced back of course because he was being chased by three large dogs.

Two elementary students Mike and Scotty Groves are fighting over the fact that Scotty tells his classmates that his father is with the FBI. He tells the Detectives that terrorist took his dad and wants them to investigate his disappearance. Hendricks and Whitehead take the kid home and talk to his mother Cleo about what Scotty said. She concocts a story about the alleged terrorist was the bank she was arguing about with her husband. She went on to explain he was a truck driver and is gone for long periods. Something about her story didn’t settle right with Dwight. When he was leaving, the boy ran out to the detectives and begged them to help find his father.

Back at the station Paula and Lt. Tanya Rice (Alfre Woodard), Dwight’s boss hit it off and fast become friends. Dwight talks to Lt. Rice about his suspicions of the Groves family and she tells him to further investigate. Their investigation finds that Billy Groves was attacked after dropping his truck to be fixed. Pressuring the wife into telling the truth, they find out that Billy was destined for greener pastures as they refer to it. He was the middleman in gun dealing and decided to quit to grow weed in his house and his oldest son was helping. Once they start probing her more the secrets start to unravel, they is so much more to Billy and his family then they thought. Billy abused his family and beat his wife many times. Troy was protecting his mother when he accidentally shot his father. He took a gun hidden in the closet and when his father hit him, he dropped the gun and it killed his father then Cleo and her son Troy disposed of the body. Troy was arrested for the murder of his father, but they figured he would not serve any time under the circumstances. Dwight still felt unsettled about the case and after running things repeatedly in his head, and then his hunch came through. Cleo shot the rifle that killed Billy and they needed her confession. After drilling her and her son, she finally admitted her guilt.

Memphis Beat airs on TNT Cable Network.

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