Julie Benz reveals the down and dirty side of Rambo

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Washington , Jan 22 (ANI): American actress Julie Benz has in an interview revealed how she had to get down and dirty while filming the new ‘Rambo’ movie with Sylvester Stallone.

When talking about the glamorous life of a Hollywood actress, Benz described how she was tied to a pole next to a pigpen for a scene in Rambo, and how when the pigs broke loose through the fence they went straight for her.

“I was terrified, because someone had told me that if they think you smell good, they’ll eat you!” the New York Daily quoted Benz as saying.

“I kept thinking, ‘I hope I smell bad!’ It’s scary to come in contact with a 400-pound beast when you’re tied up. Even as someone came to rescue me, I heard Sly say, ‘Keep the cameras rolling!’” she added.

Benz, who spoke by telephone from LA, laughed at the memory of the scene and also about the fact that she called Sylvester Stallone as “Sly.”

“He hates it when I call him ‘Mr. Stallone,’” Benz, 35, says of the 61-year-old star, whom she admits was a favourite of hers when she was growing up.

“But anytime you meet somebody whose work you’ve admired for a long time - when I went to audition, it was all I could do not to show that my hands were shaking. I had to get past my shyness to play opposite him. I went through a couple of phases - calling him ‘Mr. Stallone,’ then calling him ‘Hey, you, she said.

“It took a while before I could call him ‘Sly’ without giggling,” she added.

The movie also had bullets, blood and body parts flying all over, and lucky for Benz she did not have to handle a weapon.

“I’m not a gun person. But those were big guns. On some days, it was so loud and intense - the sound just rips through your gut. You’re not really acting; you’re reacting,” she said.

Of all the roles she has played, Benz admits that playing a pigpen prisoner in Rambo left her in quite a state.

“I’d go back to the hotel and have to take three showers, just to get the first layer of mud off - and then take three more showers and a bath to finish the job. I don’t think I was clean the whole time I was filming,” she concluded. (ANI)

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