Joseph Petcka in court over the murder of his girlfriend Lisa Altobelli’s cat

September 19th, 2008 - 12:15 am ICT by David M N James  

Joseph Petcks - The cat beaterJoseph Petcka is in court or the murder of his girlfriend’s cat.

Joseph is a former New York Mets prospect. He is also a guest star on Sex and the City, a hit Television series and movie.

Joseph is now officially on trial for the murder of his ex-girlfriend’s cat. His girlfriend, Lisa Altobelli, claims that Joseph Petcka killed Norman the cat on March 27, 2007. She also has claimed that Joseph hated Norman and he seemed intent to murder the cat someday. However, in his defense, Joseph Petcka actually claims that it was “self-defense” and unintentional. Altobelli is a reputed for her sports connections as a Sports Illustrated writer.

Judges moved the trial of Joseph Petcka to Wednesday, with testimony from Lisa Altobelli that does not bode well for Joseph.

The girlfriend has confessed that they began to fight and it prompted the reactions from Petcka. Petcka and Lisa had been seeing each other for six weeks, but Petcka had been drinking heavily on the night he killed the cat.

Altobelli testified that she went up to bed, and overheard Petcka calling her the cat Norman’s name in a singsong voice.

She alleged that Petcka woke her up at 3 a.m. by putting his knee in her ribs, telling him that Norman had attacked him. When Petcka got too hysterical, Altobelli left the apartment. She further told the judges that Petcka yelled to her stating that she loved the cat more than she loved him. She fled the apartment hoping the cat would follow but did not. When she returned to the apartment, she found her cat dead under her bedside table.

Norman died after suffering broken teeth and ribs, a broken leg, a torn tongue, massive internal injuries, bruised lungs, a bruised liver and a chest cavity filled with blood, it was also de-clawed. It is clear that the murder of the cat was sadistic.

Petcka is a 37-year-old former Mets prospect who played in their minor league system. He also features on Sex and the City and in several Brawny paper towel ads.

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