“Jon & Kate Plus 8″ Announcement Spoiler leaked

June 20th, 2009 - 3:36 am ICT by GD  

Jon and Kate Plus 8It was just revealed this week that a major, life changing decision will be announced on the upcoming episode of “Jon & Kate Plus 8″. The promos of the same have been flashing all over the TLC network persistently through the whole week. The essence of the ‘very important’ decision has been highlighted completely in the promos with Kate’s voice over saying that they have an announcement to make, which would alter the lives of everyone in the family.

What the common talks surrounding the issue is that whether it is just a spoiler for the show or is it really going to be a divorce teaser. The Gosselin family have been going through a very troubled time recently, which has been getting highlighted over and over in this season of “Jon & Kate Plus 8″. The couple have been living separately for a very long time now.

The air has been tense inside the Gosselin. The rift has been reflected with Jon’s very pronounced absence from the event of Kate’s birthday. Kate had to celebrate her birthday with her children alone. Also rumors of infidelity had hit both of them hard in this season. Jon had been caught cheating Kate with a 23 year old kindergarten teacher. Kate had been alleged to be involved in a relationship with her body guard Steve Neild.

It is therefore being predicted that the couple is heading for a divorce, a very evident option in their case. It could also be a spoiler however, as no one can be very sure until the episode is aired. For that, we all have to tune to TLC on Monday, June 22, at 9 p.m Eastern Time.

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