Jon and Kate Plus Eight: Season 5 Premiere

May 26th, 2009 - 9:07 pm ICT by GD  

The season 5 of the very popular television series Jon and Kate plus Eight is all set for a Memorial Day premiere. The series has already been a hit and now with all the rumors surrounding Jon and Kate Gosselin, the ratings are only going to increase. While Jon is accused of having cheated with a school teacher, Kate too has not escaped the gossip mongers with allegations of her involvement with a body guard.

The new episode is supposed to answer some questions about the couple’s supposedly strained relations. On the other hand all the gossip could also be possibly manufactured to garner attention and induce viewer curiosity. TLC has been airing teasers indicating that Jon and Kate will address all the controversies in the last few months.

The “sneak peak” from TLC shows an exhausted Jon with a look of frustration and tiredness on his face. It seems like the reality series has taken a toll on his mental health and he feels disturbed with his identity crisis. Jon is scared that he is no longer himself, but always “Jon and Kate plus Eight”. He says he feels like he is in prison. Kate, on the other hand, seems more courageous in handling the situation. She is shown as being determined to pull out of the crisis. She is also shown to be saying that “everything is falling apart”, but she doesn’t want to give up in hopelessness.

What is to be seen in the premiere is whether the teasers are just that or whether the marriage is really falling apart.

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