John Locke is lost in Lost

May 30th, 2008 - 4:11 pm ICT by David M N James  

John LockeThe inertly angry and emotional Locke is dead and lost in Lost! John Locke the fictional character popularly known as Jeremy Bentham in the series, Lost on the ABC television series played by Terry O’Quinn died in the yesterday’s last episode. Locke’s name is a tribute to John Locke, the famous empiricist author and philosopher. The calm in lost Bentham, who was eccentric and sanguine died in the last episode of Lost Season Finale Recap “There’s No Place Like Home” Part 2 on May 29th. In the ABC channel every one was oooh! When Jack mentioned “Jeremy Bentham.” Bentham was Locke’s adoptive name for the looser was born John Locke and the real Jeremy Bentham was an authentic philosopher.

The truth is the real Jeremy Bentham requested that his body be put on display in a wooden case for people to gaze upon after he died, and in ABC’s Lost, he is in a casket in a hall. His actual body today is at the University College London since 1832 and Locke was in a hall just like the real Bentham.

Locke a lead attraction was the epic in the series. He tried to keep Keamy alive and lost, hid together with Hurley in the woods near The Orchid. Hurley told everyone that Locke moved the island, and finally, Jack, is drives to the funeral hall, so wasted, badly bearded and fagged out. In the hall, Jeremy lies dead and Jack bursts into tears. Paces and reluctant, opens the coffin to show away the dead man; Ben comes in and asks Jack “Did he tell you I was off the island?” So Locke aka Bentham is someone who escaped the island to visit Jack and Kate, telling them about some terrible things that had happened since in their absence and blames it all on Jack. Bentham is the dead man and Jack is mourning, so is Locke really dead? Or Jack will be the next big bang?

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