Jessica Hahn Calls Out Barbara Walters on ‘The View’

February 23rd, 2011 - 3:31 am ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Feb 22 (THAINDIAN NEWS) As Jessica Hahn was being interviewed on ‘The View’ about the “affair” which she had with Jim Baker, she was part of the weekly theme for which the women of the show were chatting with people who were once famous for not such good reasons, called “Where are They Now?” Although Hahn was on the show to speak about the ordeal from the eighties involving herself and Jim Bakker from the television evangelism show ‘PTL’, she took offense to Barbara Walters speaking of her “affair” with the TV preacher, and fired right back at Walters.

When Walters reminded Jessica about her “affair” with Jim Bakker, Hahn denied that it was an affair, and then, in a “turnabout is fair play” style answer, she reminded Walters that she too had an affair. “This wasn’t an affair,” she said. “Unlike, I don’t want to be cruel or anything, in your book Audition you had an affair with a Senator.”

Barbara Walters indignantly responded, “This is about you, my dear. this is not about me. OK?” I’m very happy talk about my relationships, but this is about you.” Walters was quiet throughout the rest of the show, unlike Hahn. Although Hahn swore she was raped by Baker while she was his secretary, she admitted on the show that she had felt drawn to have sex with him because he was a man of God. Hahn always called it rape, while Bakker insisted that it was consensual.

From the interview, Hahn seemed to be saying that she had indeed had the affair of her own free will, claiming that Bakker and an associate convinced her that she was serving them, and serving God. “I just loved God so much, and they were so close to God,” she said, as though her awe of these “men of God” was what led to the affair. Bakker subsequently went to prison for several years for paying her not to tell anyone about the affair. Hahn subsequently posed for ‘Playboy’, and is engaged to her dead fiance’s best friend.

“Everyone here hates everyone else for doing just like they do.” (Matchbox 20 Back to Good)

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