Jeremy Hubbard hair earns him credit and gossip

September 8th, 2008 - 9:21 pm ICT by David M N James  

Nothing is funny as weird things getting immense publicity and fame. This is the case with the Jeremy Hubbard hair.

The hair has become famous and something that is earning the anchor some fame and becoming some great gossip around big screen and in households.

Jeremy Hubbard took over Channel 31’s weekend anchor slot from Phil Keating, who had hair locks. Jeremy’s hair is said to be sexier than Phils and it is rumored the hair might have earned Jeremy the slot at Channel 31. Phil is said to have been the great guy with great locks but its Hubbard who has put up to the challenge. The most sensuous description about his hair is that his follicles frequently shoot skyward like geological outcroppings, yet the shape and size of the ledges and projections tend to shift from show to show, and even segment to segment. This has made this anchor to be deemed sexy in the hair and as he reads headlines observers note some formation of Red Rocks which is truly a natural wonder.

This is just somewhat a shocker since you never reckon hair could be such a big element in the hall of fame. This is it with Jeremy Hubbard’s hair. It has made headlines and made him famous, earning credit and edging out a fellow anchor.

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