Jeepers Creepers 3 to hit theatres in 2011

June 8th, 2009 - 10:53 pm ICT by GD  

“Jeepers Creepers 3: The Creeper Walks Among Us” is slated for an early 2011 release. The movie is to be directed by Victor Salva. The script has been confirmed this year and on May 12, 2009, the start of production was announced.

Initially the launch of the third film was announced in March 2006. Actors Jonathan Breck and Ray Wise had expected the movie to be out that same year. However, the initiative went in vain because the whole project was lacking a script to move forward on. The movie continued to remain in the pre production stage till November 2008. It was then that director/writer Victor Salve put forth a script for the third sequel.

When Salve spoke to Moviehole recently, he highlighted that the latest Jeepers flick might bring back two of the old characters from the previous movies. According reports by Rotten Tomatoes, Ray Wise will make a return as the monster hunting farmer Taggart; so will Jonathan Breck as the creepy Creeper. Gina Philips will play her character of Trish Jenner as in the original and Brandon Smith, who was Sgt. David Tubbs in the first movie, also makes a come back in the movie.

The movie will set the characters in a 23 years leap after the happenings of the first movie. The movie focuses on Trish who is married now with a teenage son Darry, named after her brother who was killed in the first movie by the creeper. Trish, now a rich woman, keeps on having repeated dreams that her son is going to get killed by the creeper. To put her fear at rest, she sets out to end the menace of the creeper once and for all. The story will feature a prologue as to the origin of the creeper in the Native American folklore and how the terrifying myth was created.

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