‘Janani’ a forgettable film (Kannada Film Review)

March 6th, 2010 - 4:22 pm ICT by IANS  

By V.S. Rajapur
Film: “Janani”; Director: C. Raj Kumar; Cast: Shiva, Vibha, Kushboo, Jayasudha and Prakash Raj; Music: C. Raj Kumar; Rating:*

“Janani” has a powerful star cast, strong technical crew and is produced by the well-known Chandulal Jain. But any hopes of “Janani”, which has been directed by Chandulal’s son C. Raj Kumar, being a neat commercial film will be dashed within a few minutes of watching it.

The shooting of “Janani” finished seven years ago but the film is releasing only now. And it is a big let-down even if judged in comparison with films made during the 1990s. The film’s storyline and script are so bad that it would not have been accepted by audiences any time.

Despite hailing from a film family and having experience as a co-producer for several films, debutant director Raj Kumar shows his incompetence while writing a script and narrating it on screen.

The only saving grace in the film is that experienced artistes like Jayasudha, Kushboo and Prakash Raj bring some life into the movie whenever they appear on screen.

The film is an age-old story, which has been further damaged by lacklustre narration.

The audiences are sure to feel restless after watching this film, which has an overdose of so-called sentimental and action sequences.

Raj Kumar’s choice of Shiva (Kushboo’s younger brother) turns out to be a wrong one. Shiva is neither expressive not does he show any energy required for doing an angry young man’s role.

The film’s heroine Vibha is much better and glamorous as well. But she is clearly handicapped by a weak script that does not provide her much opportunity to act.

The story revolves around the protagonist’s mother, who is facing a jail term for allegedly killing her husband. Her son dislikes her until the truth is revealed and he son finds that his mother is indeed innocent.

The son sets on a journey to finish off the villains responsible for this tragedy and wins the battle. In the process he also falls in love.

The film’s hero should have taken a crash course in acting before facing the camera. Except for three veteran artists, the others just their face and vanish thereafter. C. Raj Kumar’s musical work is also disappointing.

“Janani” is a forgettable film not even worth a one-time watch. A real tragedy because it has some very good names associated with it.

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