Jamie Lynn Spears’s pregnancy: What are the consequences for us?

December 25th, 2007 - 12:28 am ICT by amritpal  

It has been a week full of trouble for parents who have teeage kids and more so if they are watchers of Zoey 101. Spears’ character has all the trappings of a role model. Zoey is a smart student, loyal friend, and the pretty girl who holds her own against the boys, so it’s not surprising she is idolized by tens of thousands of young girls. [ABC News]
The incident has been labeled as “Betrayal” by the media and parents alike. However, the poor Spears finds some sympathizers during these tough times. “I’m very passionate about wanting to speak out on behalf of this young girl,” Welchel says. “She is a role model, but it’s not her responsibility to be a role model. That’s so much pressure on a 16-year-old.”

There’s quite a lot of truth in this statement especially if we see this incident as one of the numerous teenage pregnancy cases happening these days. Jamie Lynn SpearsJamie has been irresponsible like any other teenager could be. Why is she been singled out? Is it because she used to Ms. Clean in all respects and all the mamas wanted their girls to emulate her? OR is it because she is famous Britney’s little sister and media is trying to read too much into it?

Whatever it may be, Jamie Lynn Spears can’t be labeled a “bad girl” overnight. As a matter of fact, her situation is the reflection of society we are living in today. She could have been our daughter too.

Instead of stopping talking about her or blaming her, it makes more sense to be understanding and discuss the issue with your kids openly. For one she did not terminate her pregnancy but is shouldering the responsibility of her act. There is nothing glamorous in having a baby at this young age and her career will be in jeopardy. Nevertheless, her courage to accept the facts of life and moving on should find some takers. She can be given as an example why and more importantly how teenage pregnancy should be avoided.

The Spears family is reportedly a close knit family . “An asset that Britney (Spears) and Jamie Lynn both have is a great and dedicated mother.” Dr. Phil says the “strong, close-knit” Spears family have turned to prayer in their difficult time and according to Us Weekly, it may be working.”

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