Jamie Czerniawski Arrested for stabbing Husband

June 12th, 2009 - 5:09 pm ICT by GD  

Jamie Czerniawski is a former Miss Teen New Jersey and a small town mother of three living in Monmouth County in New Jersey. She had been arrested for aggravated assault after stabbing her husband Charles over the Memorial Day Weekend with a kitchen knife and she is now out on $75,000 bail. Jamie says the stabbing was in self-defense after her husband reacted extremely jealous and angry over a phone-call from a mutual male friend. Charles denied these allegations and blames the whole thing on Jamie, who apparently went crazy. He was admitted to the hospital and stayed in the intensive care for two days and lost nearly four pints of blood. He says he still has not regained the use of his right arm.

In an interview to the Greenwich Diva, she described the incident in very candid terms. She said that Charles had had her immobilized once against the kitchen counter and once on the floor, but she managed to free herself in time to strike the blows. “I was so scared I just closed my eyes and struck him,” she said. “If I didn’t do it, I would have been dead.”

All of this would have been a blip on the radar of newshounds if not for the fact that Jamie can be counted as a minor celebrity after having appeared on the ABC reality show ‘Wife Swap’ way back in 2006, when she changed places with an Arizona mom, who was also a side-show performer. Once the public figured out who she was, the morbid interest skyrocketed earning Jamie another claim to fame by being the top google search term, if only for an hour.

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