It’s special to be a part of Saat Phere - Aamrapali Dubey

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It's special to be a part of Saat Phere - Aamrapali Dubey Young and charming girl Aamrapali Dubey has made her debut with Saat Phere and is playing the character of Saloni’s adopted daughter. Let’s find out what the actress has to say about her debut in this long running soap and many more.

Q. Have you faced the camera before, so how does it feel working in a daily soap?
A. It’s nice. I have faced it before because I have worked in an advertisement but daily soaps are completely different and better and it’s special to be a part of a serial like Saat Phere.

Q. How was your first day at the shoot?
A. It was very nice. We were all very happy together.

Q. You will be playing the character of Rajshri Thakur’s adopted daughter, so how excited are you?
A. Very much, being the daughter of Rajshri Thakur, who has bought up the whole show, I guess it’s really nice.

Q. Tell us something about your role in the soap?
A. I am just a pampered female, who always wants to do what she feels like doing. She is loved by everyone in the house and they treat me like a princess.

Q. How close is the character to your real life?
A. Very much, because even if my dad is going somewhere out, he won’t step out of the house without seeing my face, how much ever my parents could do for me they have always done more than that. And in real life I have my elder sister, too much like Saawri because she knows that I am doing something wrong still she does not stop me because I like it.

Q. How is your bonding with Rachna on sets?
A. Very nice, she is a very good friend.

Q. You just gave your board exams for 12th standard, so what results are you expecting? Are you nervous?
A. I am not really nervous because I know that I am going to flunk. But that’s not a problem as I can appear privately.

Q, Now since your acting career has kicked off, would you like to continue your studies?
A. Yes of course, I will take up some Diploma course.

Q. Have you had any professional training for acting?
A. Not really but for 10 years in school I did participate in lot of drama’s.

Q. What’s your take on the reality shows? If given a chance would you participate in any?
A. Yes I would surely, but only if its not going to be too much of headache and drama.

Q. Your take on the IPL. Which team would you support this season?
A. Rajasthan Royals, because I have done an IPL promo for that team. -Sampurn Media
It's special to be a part of Saat Phere - Aamrapali Dubey

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