Its not a cake walk for contestants of Kerry Vincent shows

June 15th, 2009 - 5:20 pm ICT by GD  

Kerry Vincent is recently making waves by judging dozens of Food Network cake challenge competitions. However, her actual identity is that of the director of Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show. She is strict and tough on the cake decorators while donning the judges’ hat and she is known to have deducted precious points at every possible opportunity and this is what that keep the contestants at their toes.

The themed birthday cake surprise challenge of her namesake arranged by the Food Network amused Kerry Vincent. She was in splits - “It was hilarious.” But it was not enough to amuse her when one of the competitors said that the wicked queen cake she was making reminded her of Kerry.

Vincent was the eager contributor to this idea. In another of her recent shows she judged, she came up with the idea of scarring the competitors by walking from behind the curtain as the mystery client. The contestants did react to its exact effect.

Vincent lays the maximum stress on coming clean on technique. Many competitors had their hopes crashed while not being able to live up to her harsh standards. Its not all that easy to dish out a cake according to her liking. One gets only five minutes to quiz her about her ideal choice for such a preparation. It’s almost as if you have to read her mind!

Alongside her husband’s judgment this time around Vincent did find one contestant who was quiet close to guessing her preference. Others were their who did not get her instructions right. “We are not so stupid as to expect a person with one assistant to produce the most perfect cake in an eight-hour time period,” she said. “But the winning cake did have clean technique.”

Fans will have to wait till June 14 to see the results.”There were a lot of twists and turns,” Vincent said. “People are going to be falling off their chairs laughing.”

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